Where it all Began

I wrote my first novel because of my son. It’s a novel that I don’t even want him to read (at least for a while – it’s a fairly dark story).

I started writing fairy tales for my son before he was even born. As I wrote, the stories, or at least my story-telling, underwent and evolution: they got longer and more complex.

The Treasure of Lady Ica
One of the Fairy Tales I’d written

Working on my ninth story, the possibilities in the story exploded and I kept writing on and on. It got to point when I thought, why not just go all out and write a novel?

I’d always wanted to. I just never thought I’d have the competence. So I read Story Engineering, which actually got me really depressed because writing seemed too difficult again. But I read and re-read it, watched a lot of videos, and read a lot of blogs.

I made it my 2014 New Year’s Resolution – to write “The Stitcher” And I did. January – March I’ve dedicated to editing (and starting my next project), and that’s where it all began for me.


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