Top 5 Ways to Read When You Don’t Have Time

Being a full-time husband, father, teacher, student, writer and professional procrastinator has given me great experience in being time-squeezed. Life gets busy, and leisure often spirals into the vortex of time.

time vortex

I see these Goodreads people with their “book challenges” and think, 10 books in a month? I’ll be lucky to read ONE!

There’s not a lot that can be done, but I find the following 5 practices work for me:

5. Bathroom breaks…just stay in the bathroom for 5 more minutes.

4. One thing that’s always with me is my phone. Instead of Crushing Candy or Facebook stalking, fire up my favorite App (the Kindle App) and read on your phone.

3. Audio Books for car rides. More expensive, but, hey, this isn’t a list of cheap ways to read more.

2. Get a stationary bike. And then use it. My kindle hangs perfectly from the display. This one is great because you get to kill two birds with one stone. Running with an Audio Book is also allowable.

1. And the absolute best way to find time to read a book is [drumroll]…
Find a really good book. Great books find a way to cut their own time out of your life.

Those are a few ways I get to read between diaper changes, grading homework, making lessons, writing papers/books/blogs, listening to and giving lectures, and just plain going to work. What about you? What are your secret ways to find time for reading? reading a book


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