Write a Novel in a Year


I’ve always wanted to write a book. I’d started and stalled many times. Everybody has excuses. Most people claim they don’t have the time. I was one of those people, too.

But last year I did it, and this year I want to do it again.

Here’s the plan I followed to write the book.

1. Plot out the four major sections of the book. I used the book, Story Engineering as my story structure guide.

2. Make a New Year’s Resolution to write the book and write 20 minutes a day every day.

3. No..really, get off Facebook and YouTube and write!

4. After a while, email the WIP (work in progress) to yourself, read it, and fix some plot inconsistencies (edit)

5. Patiently persevere until it’s done!

That’s it. It’s not complicated. But it is a lot of hard work. At times you’ll hate what you wrote and want to quit. KEEP GOING! At times you’ll have an idea for an even cooler story. This happens especially when you’re getting bored/tired with your current story: IGNORE THAT AND KEEP GOING! Sometimes you’ll let weeks and even a month go by without writing. RESIST the URGE to QUIT and KEEP GOING!


What prevents your from writing (or accomplishing anything you want to achieve)?


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