What to do When you Want to Quit your Current Work-in-Progress for a New Idea


Stephen King tells the story of throwing Carrie away, not thinking it had what it took to be a good story. His wife had dug it out of the trash, encouraged him to finish, and it ended up getting him a nice pay-day and a burgeoning writing career.

Hint: Don’t be too hasty to scrap your story in favor of the ever attractive “new idea.”

A year-and-a-half’s work has come to a close and my first novel, The Stitcher, is finished. But like Carrie, it almost ended up in the trash.

I’m a big believer that you should not get distracted by a new idea in the middle of writing a story, although I almost abandoned The Stitcher because the new idea fascinated me sooooo much.

So my questions is, has that ever happened to you?

If so, here’s how to deal with that problem.

Allow yourself to story plan for the new idea, but don’t let yourself start typing the book until your other one is done. Truthfully, I started writing the new book when I finished my first draft of The Stitcher.

And guess what?

The same thing is happening all over. The idea I wanted to quit The Stitcher for, I now want to quit to do a whole new idea. Guess what I’m gonna do? You got it! I’m gonna finish the new idea (more on that later) and go ahead and allow some story planning.

So go ahead and indulge a little. Don’t suffocate the new idea. Go buy a shiny new notebook, maybe cover it over with stickers and start story planning. THEN, sit down and write!

Nanowrimo 2014? Yeah, that didn’t happen! But New Year’s Resolution 2015 will be good enough.



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