NaNoWriMo 2017 – Are You Game?


Writing is Hard.

Inspiration doesn’t last forever, and like exercise, or maintaining a healthy diet, or praying, it will at times feel impossible.

That’s why changing things up is important to keep going. Introduce fun. Do it with people. Make it a game.

NaNoWriMo does all of this, which is why I’m participating this year. My writing output has been nil lately, and the creative constipation is making me queasy.

Like getting in a pool, it’s best if you go all in at once. No half-measures. I intend to experience NaNo in its fullness. Not just the 1,667 words-a-day minimum, but the community, the Twitter “word sprints,” the friendships and sharing of ideas.

My plans:

  • Write 3x a day for 25 min each session (morning, noon, and night). I’ve got the music playlist all set to the perfect timing!
  • Vlog each day on my word-count and also a specified topic.
  • Have two days of dedicated writing, shooting for 5,000+ words each day to make up for inevitable hiccups in the plan.

Sound impossible? With a full-time job and two small children added into the mix?

Don’t worry, I plan on cheating!

Here’s how:

  • Pre-planning the novel
    • Characters detailed in advance, complete with arcs
    • Plot-points and pinch-points nailed down
    • Scene summaries and goals prepared
  • Vlogs prepared
    • Video editing completed ahead of time (as far as can be done)
    • Topics and salient points preplanned
  • Writing habits set in place ahead of time
    • While I am not writing a novel, I am writing each day. To avoid the blank page problem, I write one memory a day, whether long or short, meaningful or frivolous. Some day it may even be a great treasure to have. Having this system will help ease into the rigors of NaNoWriMo.

Writing is hard. Especially when it’s not fun.

I plan on having a blast, painful parts and all. Join me – be my buddy on NaNo.

Happy writing.


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