Betrayed Alliance 2021 – Devlog – April (and Bad News)

It’s our quarterly update!

We started the year off right with a post on death and dying (in Sierra games), and worked on a lot of animations for that aspect of the game. Probably about half of the 30 unique deaths possible now have either animations or cute frames like you see below to accompany the player’s death.

We’re also looking into making some “inside” pics and buildings. We had a great Twitter thread explode with people posting their personal favorite “inside” shots. Check them out! Creating and furnishing these areas will be a big focus in the next couple of months as puzzle elements start coming together for the first major plot point of the game.

Semi-consistent art streams are in the works each Friday evening on my YouTube channel, depending on family demands. The following two images were completed almost from scratch over the course of 3 nights of Streaming. It’s a great time to come out for a few minutes or even hours and chat about Adventure games (or anything really)! While my usual schedule has me working on backgrounds once a week on Wednesday, adding a second day is a nice jumpstart for planning and getting things done.

*Due to circumstances, Friday streams are being rescheduled. A new time will be forthcoming.

We also had a vote for the tagline for Betrayed Alliance 2. So let’s see how it turned out:

So there you have it: “Betrayed Alliance 2: The Betrayening” is the runaway choice. Other great names included in the comments: “Electric Boogaloo,” “The Second Book,” “An Alliance Betrayed,” “Cruise Control,” and “The Rebinding.” It is clear I have been outsmartassed by my followers!

So here’s the breakdown comparing no to the last Update (January):

  • 56 Backgrounds “basically finished” (45 in January)
  • Story – Overall Plot Points are known – details for first 25% finished
  • Puzzles – Puzzles designed for first 25%, but not implemented in game.

You can also check out the 1-year devlog if you are so interested.

During this time I’ve also painted an oil painting inspired by Betrayed Alliance 2. While not strictly a game asset, a large oil painting depicting the two main characters can be seen observing a stained glass window. Could this image have anything to do with the plot?

Slowly we inch towards a completed game. Due to some “Bad News” I’m not sure about completion dates and I’m no longer projecting one. See below for details.

Last update I said the following systems list would be good until March:

  • Monday – Write/Design BA2 STORY
  • Tuesday – Write/Design BA2 PUZZLES
  • Wednesday – Work on Artwork for BA2 – BACKGROUNDS
  • Thursday – Work on Artwork for BA2 – ANIMATIONS
  • Friday – Draw artwork (Physical)
  • Saturday – Work on YT/Website
  • Sunday – Rest

I think I’m going to keep it the same for April and May. By May, I think it is imperative that I have the story (and it’s details) 100% as I am reaching the point where artwork assets are necessarily tied to story and puzzle beats. So next update will be a large milestone. Hopefully I am able to see that through.

And Now the Bad News:

At the end of March, I got pneumonia, which knocked me off my work schedule. Antibiotics, a steroid, and a week later, I’m feeling much better, but, while at the doctor, they noticed my blood pressure was high.

Having high blood pressure and being the father of 3 kids is not a situation I take trivially. I decided I’d need to make some lifestyle changes. While many of them are diet-related (eliminating soda and fast food, subbing my nightly chocolates for DARK chocolate, and eating more fruits and vegetables), one lifestyle change will be effecting my productivity.

I’m not fat, I’m pudgy! Being overweight and having high blood pressure are not the kind of siblings I want in my life, so one (if not both) need to go. Cardio is calling my name.

Since I work on Betrayed Alliance in my free time (and have a full time job with 3 small kids), slotting in a semi-daily 30-60 min routine into my daily life is going to take a toll on other activities.

Whoa! Whoa! Wait! I’m not waving the towel or throwing in the white flag. I’m just saying my “slow-motion” development of Betrayed Alliance just got a little bit more slow-mo-er.

This is a passion project, and you can’t stop love!


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