Press Kit


Betrayed Alliance is an EGA text-parser game throwback to the classic Sierra Adventure games.


Betrayed Alliance Book 2 will feature the addition of a second playable character, Leah von Spier, whose sneaking skills offer a different gameplay dynamic than the more brute force General:

Books 2 features the new location of the cursed forest with additional care and attention given to the artwork.

There are great mysteries surrounding this cursed forest, perhaps even shedding light on the infamous Carmyle family. Plenty of puzzles await players in their traversal of this dangerous wood.


Ryan Slattery first announced this project in April 2007. Book One was quietly released to a small community in December 2013, after a long (and inconstant) six-and-a-half year development. After release, Ryan set aside the project to pursue writing and self published two books. In September of 2019, his passion for completing the Betrayed Alliance Saga came back and he’s been hard at work since designing the artwork, animations, story, and puzzles (as well as releasing an updated Book 1).

Media Highlights:

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