Upheaval Progress Report

It’s been 6 months since I’ve discussed my second book, Upheaval.

timmy and clare

This year has been busy. I now have 2 children in diapers, more MA courses to work on, and a larger workload in my real career. I also volunteer at my Church and try to have some semblance of a healthy lifestyle involving semi-consistent exercise.

Bottom line – I haven’t been writing. Upheaval was simmering on a burner in the back.

But sometimes when a story simmers back there, truths about it are crystalize over time. Even though I wasn’t writing, the story was ever present in my daydreaming, during runs, and of course the best place to ponder – in the shower.


Two months ago, I joined a group of writers at my work for a get-together and was immediately energized to get back on track and finish the draft by my original deadline – Christmas. And with a small word-count, I wasn’t too worried.

Today the current word count is 32,469 of a projected 35,000. A very short book to be sure, but perfectly respectable for the Middle Grade audience for which it’s intended.

The finish line is in sight and I’m very pleased with the overall story. We’ll see how I feel about the details during the editing process.

How are your goals coming? Do you have tips that keep you from derailing?



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