Betrayed Alliance

Betrayed Alliance Book 2 Demo is now available to play

The Sierra Adventure classics are just that: Classics!

Betrayed Alliance is a fan-made Adventure game in the same engine that ran the old classics. Retro EGA graphics, parser-interface, and good ‘ol puzzles!

And best of all, it’s FREE!
Book 1 is now complete and ready to play

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Betrayed Alliance Book 1, as part of the Kickstarter stretch goal will also be getting a BIG update, overhauling its artwork and fixing the music to utilize drivers such as the MT-32, General Midi, Soundblaster, Tandy 3, even PC Speaker (and more). Brandon Blume will be at the helm of the musical overhaul.

With the help of Karl Dupere-Richer reworking many of the background artwork pieces, a ton of backgrounds for Book 1 have already seen huge updates. Here are just a few:


  • “A true love letter to the classic Sierra-style adventure games.” – Adventure Game Geek
  • “A lovely pixel-art Sierra-style text parser game…A must play.” – RetroPhoenix80
  • “A treat for any classic gamer.” – Gumby
  • “Absolutely worth its short play time, and will leave you eager for Book 2!” -theDeivore

Check out the Adventure Game Geek’s interview:


Betrayed Alliance Book 2 is in the works now and updates can be found here and on my twitter account, @slattstudio.

Development updates for BA Book 2:

Betrayed Alliance is set to be a Trilogy, the first book already available for free. This is a passion project and I will not be charging for any of the games at any point. However, if you wish to patronize this project, I’d love your help:

Note: The game currently runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, but the game will only run with music on Windows. This problem should no longer be a problem with Books 2 or 3.

Betrayed Alliance Book 2 has been funded on Kickstarter in December of 2021 to help fund the creation of music and a physical game manual

Some screenshots of the upcoming Betrayed Alliance Book 2: